Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Work Wear Wednesday


Ah, a good pair of jeans can look very smart when paired with a lovely shirt and fitted jacket. I tend to only wear jeans to work occasionally, on a Friday.

However, this is all subject to change hoping that I can get my mitts on a pair of MIH (made in heaven) jeans this evening, at their sample sale. It's rumoured that the price will be about £40 for a pair which normally retail at £190.
I have heard that with this brand, it's best to buy a size down from your regular size as they do tend to shrink. But apart from that, these jeans are alleged to be close to perfect. I am very much hoping that word hasn't spread too quickly and that I will be able to nab a pair of perfect skinny blue jeans which will last a very long time.

(Details about the MIH sale can be found here, Photos via The Satorialist)


  1. The second photo is amazing.. the jeans look great with the Jeffrey Campbells.. x

  2. those jeans in the first picture are calling my name - thanks for the heads up about the sale!

  3. I love the second pari of jeans! Sooo nice xx

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  4. Oh gosh - it makes me nervous just thinking about you being able to get a pair. But BEST OF LUCK to you - you deserve jeans that were made in heaven!

  5. Good luck, I hope you get a pair!

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  7. I have my fingers crossed for you!!!!xxxxx

  8. I swearrr I owned those exact jeans in the top photo when I was in high school. Grr.. if only I had them now (and were still a size 2 heh). I've had jeans on the mind for a while now.. I really need to invest in a really quality pair. Good luck! I hope you share photos of your spoils! :)

  9. I like that last picture with the two totally opposite styles. I love both pair, though I think the skinny look fits me better. I'm shaped like an eggplant.

    Happy day!

  10. Gorgeous photos. Great inspiration. Love your blog.

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    Karoline Kalvo

  11. Jeans are a tough one. Hope you found a nice pair!
    Last year I got rid of all "inferior" denim for one nice pair of APC New Standards, hoping that they would be the first jeans to ever fit correctly. They still don't.

    Oh well.

    Good luck!

  12. WOW, I love the wide leg jeans! They are so cute!


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