Thursday, 7 April 2011

Interview Series (3)

Getting inside the minds of creative people. Today: Rachel Cobb, aka Rae / aka: Autumn Hair...

..I continue with a nice interview getting to know the creative life of a certain performance artist / dear friend of mine. She is currently writing her dissertation and splits her time between Leeds and London. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did..

1.How do you start your day?
Almost every morning, my cat, Rufus, wakes me. He will knock on my door until I let him in, or, purr loudly in my face and try to lick my neck. I proceed to the kitchen and feed him, then race into the shower to get out of the cold. I shower every morning otherwise I can’t function for the day. I have a black tea and peanut butter on toast most days whilst I decide what to wear. I rarely wear make up so can be ready to leave the house within an hour of waking up.

2. What/ Who inspires you?
I thought long and hard about this answer, and I feel in light of all the terrible things that have happened in Japan it made me thin of the disastrous earthquake that happened in Haiti. Since I was 15, my dad and me have both been helping with charities that help Haitian refuges in the Dominican Republic. My last visit really inspired me. Their incredible attitude towards life is just admirable and meeting them was so humbling.

3. Your guilty pleasure?
I think it’s no secret to anyone who knows me that soaps, especially Eastenders, are my absolute weakness. This one is a bit more embarrassing, but I honestly love historic novels, Philippa Gregory is my favourite author of this kind. It’s a shame they ruined her book with The Other Boleyn Girl by making it into a film. I also love all things Tudor, actually anything to do with the Royal family. Ha.
4. How do you unwind?
Not wanting to sound cliché but cooking and having a nice meal with my boyfriend is one of my favourite things to do, especially with a glass of red wine. If I had more time I would definitely read more books.5. Plans for 2011?
I’m going to be graduating this July so for now my plan is to get through all my work and finish my final project. I want to go away with my friends and have some time to reflect on the last three years really. I’m looking to work abroad in New York for a while and then eventually move to London by the end of the year.

6. Your best piece of advice?
It might sound like obvious advice but I think something I feel I’ve learnt with hindsight is to truly seize every moment. Never let life pass you by and say yes to everything.

(All images via Autumn Hair.)


  1. The girl has a lovely outlook on life - refreshing in someone so young :)

  2. "Romeo and Juliet"

    A love-struck Romeo sings the streets a serenade
    Laying everybody low with a love song that he made.
    Finds a streetlight, steps out of the shade
    Says something like, "You and me babe, how about it?"

    Juliet says, "Hey, it's Romeo, you nearly gave me a heart attack!"
    He's underneath the window, she's singing, "Hey la, my boyfriend's back.
    You shouldn't come around here singing up to people like that...
    Anyway, what you gonna do about it?"
    Juliet, the dice was loaded from the start
    And I bet when you exploded into my heart
    And I forget I forget the movie song.
    When you gonna realize it was just that the time was wrong, Juliet?


  3. Nice interview!! And ypur friend is so nice!!!

  4. Nice reading!
    Thanks for your comment :)

  5. I like your blog so much! This post is very personal. Ik likee!

  6. Great post and idea :)
    really cool blog :)

  7. she sounds really lovely :)

    i am about to do my first blog interview and you gave me some good questioning ideas! i love the 'how do you start you day' question, a really good way to gain some insight into someones world

    krystal x

  8. I really liked this,
    I might do a post similar to it soooon.

  9. Rachel seems to be such a sweet person :) it is great you are doing these interviews !


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