Friday, 22 November 2013

Friday Film Round Up

Hoping to make this a thing..

This week I've watched:

Aliens - pretty freakin awesome. Loved brilliant Ripley - a feminist icon - and the scary Aliens.

The English Patient - sometimes you just have to watch a melodramatic war-time drama on a November Sunday. In parts, cringing melodrama - but in a big, weird way I like the colonial references and how it's set in the desert*.  *although it has nothing on Casablanca.

Don Jon - I probably assigned this film way too much hype as I've been waiting for months to see it. Sure, I liked it, I guess overall it tells us that sex in porn films isn't real, (I read in newspapers that some teenagers don't know this - because of .... the internet). Yes, recommended - the acting is brill and it's quite amusing in parts.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Snail Nails

Check out my Matisse 'The Snail' inspired nails which I got done at the Tate Britain re-opening party last night by Wah Nails. YES, I got my nails painted at a swanky party.

I do too much washing up to have my nails fussy for long - just one chip and it all has to come off - hoping these might at least last for the rest of the day..

Friday, 15 November 2013


I went to a super-duper party on Wednesday night - the opening of Skate at Somerset House. It was beautiful and they had a brass band, Christmas trees, lots of fake snow and ice skating.

They served mulled wine and hot chocolate in paper cups and a really delicious ox cheek stew type-o-thing. Champagne was on tap and lots of people wore fake (and probably some real) fur and loads of make-up - Narnia meets apres ski.

We were also given a beautiful pair of Coach gloves upon leaving - they're leather and lined with cashmere - they make my new TKmaxx gloves which I was proud of last week pale in comparison.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The Holiday

Great news! I won a weekend stay at a holiday cottage in Oxjam Peckham Raffle! Very pleased and excited.

The cottage kind of airs on the shabbier side of 'shabby chic', but what the hey - in the right light it might look like Kate Winslet's cottage in 'The Holiday...' I've also been imagining the whole thing will be like a real life Toast catalogue.

I've started thinking about some non-essential kind of packing:

- wine (for drinking and mulling) and gin.
- scented candles (I get the feeling this place will have a funny smell, and I've always wanted the perfect excuse to spend a lot on a Diptyque candle..)
Is it really so ridiculous to spend £60 on these? Erm - yes..

- slippers and or good socks (although these are essential)

Watch out for that jam.. not sure what all that stuff is doing on the floor...