Tuesday, 30 August 2011

VISIT: Girls Who Like to Gorge

Second Hand Junkie and I have recently made some changes to Girls Who Like to Gorge (with the help of a very nice web designer) to make it infinitely more stylish.

The aim of the blog: comfort eating, with a special focus on, although not restricted by, hangover eating. This all started during our university days when days of feeling awful from too many drinks would be remedied by an evening in the kitchen (the Kitchen: yellow walls, lots of wood cladding, a permanent smell of damp cupboards and a tiny little gas oven.) Since then, the blog has changed a little - and is now geared to cooking around mood and the changing seasons. Which seems to work very well. But the backbone of it remains very much intact..

Everything we publish is something we cook ourselves. Ingredients are always thrifty and nothing is ever complicated. If you like it, please do follow us - we promise to have some good things coming up over the autumn and winter months.. And please do spread the word!

(Photos are all from Girls Who Like to Gorge.)

Monday, 29 August 2011

End of Summer Bank Holiday

The end of Summer bank holiday is upon us. In a traditional fashion, last night was spent drowning in wine at the prospect of summer ending. Although I don't mind the on set of Autumn, I actually really like it. I have been watching an embarrassing amount of 'River Cottage' and dreaming of cosy fires, hearty stews and stiff drinks..

I quite wish I was spending today on the coast.. though coats and cups of tea would be a must. This mural from the North Norfolk coast sums it all up very well - newspapers, foil wrapped sandwiches and the old guy wearing a shirt and tie to the beach... This romantic view of English customs is actually what you find when you venture that far east - it's quite nice.

(Photos are my own..)

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Glamour of the Gods

I went to Glamour of the Gods at The National Portrait Gallery this week. Given that it was a paid exhibition, which had collected lots of good publicity and was featured on almost every tube escalator I frequented, I had high hopes (of course, the name and the marketing are also brilliant - very stylish indeed.)

The exhibition catalogue (which I really want - if there's anyone out there who can get me one, I will be so, so pleased) was hefty, with huge amounts of stunning photos, most of which weren't featured in the exhibition and included the hottest photo of Jane Russell I have ever seen. A weightier exhibition would have been nice.

I really enjoyed the 1920s section, all low lit, hazy photos; Glamour of the Gods indeed. Things progressed as you might expect, a chronological ordering of lots of recognisable stars looking stunning. It was all very nice and it quite made me want to apply lots of lipstick and fake eye-lashes.

Slightly in-coherent and a bit 'was that it?' but still, a good bit of fun - what more is there to expect from a collection of photos of old Hollywood anyway..

Some of the gallery talks and events coming up in the Autumn sound very good though, including a screening of Street Car Named Desire and 'The Late Shift Extra: The Glamour Factory.'

(all photos are from NPG Glamour of the Gods.There is also this fairly cool thing on their website where you can create your own 'Hollywood portrait,' it's kinda dumb - but it's been a slow morning - that's how the last image has snuck in!)

PS: There were no photos of Jack Lemmon and Doris Day - such a shame!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Back to School

I used to love all that back to school stuff.
The weather would still be warm and the return to academia would feel like a novelty, blank notebooks would still be clean and pens would be filled with ink. September - October used to be two of my favourite months (particularly whilst at university, sigh.)

I used to especially like the return to Sixth Form, most of my clothing ideas came from 'ElleGirl' magazine and I used to wear converse and vests layered under t-shirts (I guess I'm not the only one who used to do that...) and I used to lug my sketch pad and collection of drawing pencils around for art class. Ahh, that really was fun. My sisters have all that to look forward to this year (minus the art class) I'm kind of jealous.
(Photos from an ancient copy of ElleGirl - I know it's sad that I still have those..)

Monday, 22 August 2011

Bottom Drawer Collection

Bottom Drawer (noun) - a drawer where home wares can be stored for a future home, traditionally after marriage.

My bottom drawer has escalated to numerous boxes and suitcases which take up a large portion of my parents loft. The bulk of the items are mainly things which I accumulated at university, lots of charity shop finds, pots, pans, plates and other kitchenalia - that kind of thing. A girl can never be too prepared.

A recent trip to my Grandmother's house supplied me with a few more things to add to the collection:
a glass jug, glass cake stand, glass rubber topped jar; and my favourites: a stainless steel tea-pot, butter dish and a glass jelly mould. I also accumulated these rather bizarre, but still wonderful, 'little forks' and a collection of silver spoons.

My plan is not to keep collecting until I marry (this is the 21st century) but until January, when I plan (and very much hope) to move into a nice house in Clapham...

(Photos are my own.)

Thursday, 18 August 2011

The Best Beach Hut in Norfolk

At the start of this week I went on a brief trip to the coast of Norfolk. Whilst walking along the prom I came across the sweetest beach hut, possibly ever. The lady who owned it and her friend were clearing away their supper and bottles of wine whilst their children played outside when I stopped to ask whether I could take photos.

The owner was pleased and said that her beach hut was recently featured in the local newspaper. She also said that her house is decorated in the same manner and that 'House and Garden' recently photographed that as well. I can see why. It's like a real-life page of a Cath Kidston catalogue.. only way better...

I loved the vast collection of enamel cups hanging on tiny hooks on the walls and her fantastic use of space. I also liked the assortment of the best packaged and most British of British groceries standing on shelves around the hut; you can just about see the Hp sauce and Heinz beans, but there were also jars of marmite (of course) Lee and Perrins, Camp Coffee essence, etc, etc.

I quite want to gut my parents shed and do something like this with it!

(Photos are my own.)

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Ebay Stuff

In virtuous moment I have decided to do some wardrobe clearing to make way for more autumn and winter clothes. I have put the more special items of the discard hoard on ebay.

Most of the items are from Topshop and no longer fit me, apart from the Office ballet shoes which I am selling because I have grown tired of them and they haven't been worn for years!

I love recycling and all of this makes me feel very make-do-and-mend. Another woman's trash is another woman's treasure and all that!

The ebay link can be found HERE.

(Click on my collage to see it much bigger. Does anyone know how to make pictures appear much bigger on blogger??)

Friday, 12 August 2011

Olsen Twins, Friday Favourite..

Love or loathe them?

I personally love - their style that is. Everything, from their clothes to their hair, make-up and nonchalant attitude.
I have followed their style for the last six years and have checked blogs and websites for their latest looks on a weekly basis, yes, for six years.
I have often thought of an Olsen twins based post in the past, but have always shied away because I have too many looks of theirs which I love.. I would be forever posting.
Nevertheless, this video is incredibly cool. I also really like the song..

Thursday, 11 August 2011

More Birthday Things and Good Friends

Some lovely birthday bits from another good friend. . Alice always wraps presents beautifully and I love this sweet card! This shall be the last of my birthday celebration posts for this year - I promise. Any other birthday mentions will not be my own..

(Photos are my own - excuse the blur.)

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Marc Jacobs A/W 2011

I know it's still the height of summer, but I can't get enough of the Autumn/Winter advertisements in the fashion magazines at present..

This Autumn's Marc Jacobs press campaign is one of my favourites. I love the Lolita-esque lady with huge eyes and beautiful pale hair. She pulls of that socks and shoes look with the most nonchalant ease.. if only my legs were a little longer..

Oh, and that cool guy with the glasses - he has that old man-tweed suit thing down to the ground, now that really is something..

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A Celebratory Weekend

More birthday celebrations..

Saturday night consisted of a lovely Italian feast, me and Grace celebrated our birthdays within a week of each other and so we planned out a menu with simplistic celebration in mind - it turned out beautifully, (see the complete menu on Girls Who Like to Gorge.) We laid the table with tea lights and flowers; drunk cocktails, white wine and shandy whilst listening to a party playlist curated by Grace's boyfriend.

Saturday night carried on with late night dancing to Northern Soul and other 60s stuff at Madame Jojos in Soho. The next day we felt tired and drunk lots of tea and sparkling water whilst Grace opened her presents. We then watched 'The Kids are all Right' before braving the rain and grabbing a hot chocolate in Whole Foods. Perfect joint-birthday weekend, oh, and I've now got the supper party throwing bug...

(Photos are my own.)

Monday, 8 August 2011

Gifts from Second-Hand-Junkie

Gifts from Second Hand Junkie are always the epitome of this concept. I always receive lovely things from this lady - always beautiful, always thoughtful and always pre-loved...

This year I received some vintage books with some great illustrations, I could have scanned every kitsch page, but I have restrained myself. I love the illustrations especially the ones which the original owner has very neatly coloured in, I did that to my mums old Enid Blyton and Famous Five books when I inherited them as a child.

Last year it was a beautiful dish and a very cute birdhouse from France...

(Photos are my own - and check out Second Hand Junkie.)

Monday, 1 August 2011

22nd Birthday

As you will all will know by now, last week I celebrated my 22nd birthday. I am happy to say that this year I didn't feel one tiny bit blue, (since I turned 18, birthdays have been fraught with hysterical feelings and irrational fears about growing up.) This year was just a lovely day and evening with my favourite people, no pressure...

I got some lovely presents including a, very grown up, dressing gown from 'The White Company' and a heart-shaped 'Le Creuset' casserole dish. I hope that they will both last me a very long time (the casserole dish should last forever!) I drunk lots of Elderflower presse and tea whilst opening cards and presents..

Later on came home-made burgers and cocktails drunk from jam jars (a. because I love twee, b. why the heck not?!) Then, out came the heels and it was into the night for more cocktails and dancing, pretty much perfect.
I was also tweeted by one of the women who inspires me the most, Lauren Laverne. She said: (talking about birthdays..)

'In my experience it just gets better. Happy birthday. X'

I am taking to heart what she said because (for now) I actually like growing older, and definitely wiser.
(Photos are my own.. those lovely flowers got moved around a lot!)