Monday, 29 August 2011

End of Summer Bank Holiday

The end of Summer bank holiday is upon us. In a traditional fashion, last night was spent drowning in wine at the prospect of summer ending. Although I don't mind the on set of Autumn, I actually really like it. I have been watching an embarrassing amount of 'River Cottage' and dreaming of cosy fires, hearty stews and stiff drinks..

I quite wish I was spending today on the coast.. though coats and cups of tea would be a must. This mural from the North Norfolk coast sums it all up very well - newspapers, foil wrapped sandwiches and the old guy wearing a shirt and tie to the beach... This romantic view of English customs is actually what you find when you venture that far east - it's quite nice.

(Photos are my own..)

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  1. I'm really excited for fall too! I love summer but the little things about the upcoming season really excite me! (like hearty stews and stiff drinks)


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