Tuesday, 30 August 2011

VISIT: Girls Who Like to Gorge

Second Hand Junkie and I have recently made some changes to Girls Who Like to Gorge (with the help of a very nice web designer) to make it infinitely more stylish.

The aim of the blog: comfort eating, with a special focus on, although not restricted by, hangover eating. This all started during our university days when days of feeling awful from too many drinks would be remedied by an evening in the kitchen (the Kitchen: yellow walls, lots of wood cladding, a permanent smell of damp cupboards and a tiny little gas oven.) Since then, the blog has changed a little - and is now geared to cooking around mood and the changing seasons. Which seems to work very well. But the backbone of it remains very much intact..

Everything we publish is something we cook ourselves. Ingredients are always thrifty and nothing is ever complicated. If you like it, please do follow us - we promise to have some good things coming up over the autumn and winter months.. And please do spread the word!

(Photos are all from Girls Who Like to Gorge.)


  1. I love the way this blog came about. I'm sure we all have a group of friends that we spend Sundays munching away our hangovers with.
    I'll def keep up with the blog, my work comp doesn't like google so I can't seem to follow at the moment.

  2. soo cool and funny! :)

  3. mmmmmm consider me the newest follower of girls who like to gorge! yay!


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