Friday, 12 August 2011

Olsen Twins, Friday Favourite..

Love or loathe them?

I personally love - their style that is. Everything, from their clothes to their hair, make-up and nonchalant attitude.
I have followed their style for the last six years and have checked blogs and websites for their latest looks on a weekly basis, yes, for six years.
I have often thought of an Olsen twins based post in the past, but have always shied away because I have too many looks of theirs which I love.. I would be forever posting.
Nevertheless, this video is incredibly cool. I also really like the song..


  1. Like their style too!! Big hugs!

  2. That vid is so cool. It looks like they were having so much fun and that song was great. gosh I want to be an olsen haha xx

  3. i love them and their amazingly unique style ... and the video is just so beautiful and funny .

  4. I heart them too. I've loved them since Full House days. They are so grown up now. I love their style, they are so chic


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