Tuesday, 29 June 2010

I've Been Following You For Blocks

And I wish that you'd stop and tell me your name..

Back in Luton... and a few days I got jeered at by a group of children for wearing 'boys' shoes. It brought back painful memories from the last time I owned a pair of brogues. I was in primary school and it was the first day back after the summer holidays. I was feeling proud of my new uniform and especially my brand new, black patent brogues. I had chosen them myself from John Lewis and my Mum complimented them enormously. The children at school didn't. I probably cried about it, but in time I got over it.

Just over a week in Luton and I'm already itching to leave. I could indulge in 'Flâneur'-ing about the place. According to wikipedia it means 'a person who walks the city to experience it.' Whilst in Luton I don't think it would do me any good. I fear it would resign me to the life of a misanthropist, a fate which I am rightfully terrified of. In any event, a flying trip to east London has made me mournfully tired of Luton, leaving me with itchy bones and in a permanent state of entrapment. Never the less, i have been thinking a lot about the comming months and how I intend to spend my life as a graduate... a nice kick in the arse.

Friday, 25 June 2010

I wrote my name in your book..

Only God Knows Why.

So, this begins my new summer resolution to post more.

I have been living half in Luton, half in Norwich for the past few weeks. Although a part of me is deeply shamed to enjoy Luton as much as I do.. it's a nice change. I like the way Luton doesn't pretend to be anything other than what it is. Unlike Norwich, which conceals it's boring state behind a shroud of twee pleasantness.

Norwich has been great to me for the past three years...but a natural alteration in my perspective of it has occurred, so now I'm fairly certain that I'm done here.

These feelings have been fuelled, perhaps created by, the sudden, uncomfortable action of 'shit hitting the fan.' My Dr Zhivago discretion of a month ago has returned to plague my day. Not wanting to give too much away... I love Dr Zhivago but hate the way he comes off so well despite his constant infidelity. His doting wife comes off as such a pathetic and pitiful character, not without reason of course, she's painfully desperate. If you know the story of Dr Z.. then read between the lines, if you don't... you can guess. I know I'm being cruel and inviting terrible karma.. but there are few things I can't stand. One of those things is people who like to lie down in life. I would like to tell them to grow a spine and/or a pair of balls and stop simpering.