Thursday, 8 October 2009

Do you miss home? ..Do you miss home?

And are you COOOOL?

I haven't blogged for a really long time. Which I am quite upset about.. But I have been using my 'Tumblr' account. Which can be found here:

I have been quite busy with work at the menswear department in 'House of Fraser,' and also the start of my third year of my undergraduate degree. Things have been quite busy, But I'm fairly sure I did a good job on my first presentation this morning. But I am more excited about the cupcakes I made for my seminar group. They were brightly coloured, with glitter and little letters on the top saying things like 'cool' and 'friend.' I made a special one for my seminar leader, Ferdinand. It was bright pink with extra glitter and his name written along the top. He really seemed to be thrilled by it. I think that I will try and make cupcakes for people more often, since they are easy to make, and seem to a) make people happy and b.) make people like me.