Monday, 29 March 2010

If you were here...

winter wouldn't pass so slow...

It's pouring with rain, and after the clocks springing forward last night I thought it was time for summer and getting excited about doing things like eating strawberries on the lawn with a glass of rose, maybe even champagne, as this summer there will be a lot to celebrate. Walking home barefoot and staying up and outside under blankets until the early hours in a debauched state of merriment fuelled by cider and wine. Painting chairs and planting flowers. Talking about guys and going on picnics.

But, it's been raining all day, and I have some big library hours to put in over the comming days; luckily when it got to 7pm it was still light outside.. I was reminded that spring is never really that far away...

Sunday, 28 March 2010

we want our film to be beautiful

not realistic..

I had a lovely little visit from my American friend Carey and her friend Jessica on Friday. It was a very nice day. We had a lot to drink. Carey brought me some American treats. The novelty of American things will probably never wear off, I love it all, especially her. She's the best.

Getting up to be at work at 9am after getting to bed at 2.30am completely wasted wasn't enjoyable. I had two thoughts in my head to keep my spirits up.

The first, was this photo:

A favourite of G's, the man in the photo has passed out in the middle of the road, not because of a medical condition, but because he is so hungover. It pleases me that it could be a whole lot worse.

The second; is the mental image of Nathan, a 'grade A' guy in every way possible, serving hot dogs to angry football fans whilst suffering from a hangover.
I love to think of him, contemplating not going in for his mystery work placement to arrive at the stadium and seeing an apron and cap sitting on a chair... knowing the worst was about to come to him. When I say 'grade A' in every way, we're talking the most intelligent and charming human being I know, and of course, one of the most attractive (all of the above are debatable.) He had to wear his apron and cap with a miserable face whilst serving hot dogs on a tiny stand. It's a good thing to focus on, knowing that things very rarely get that bad... and if they do, at least it makes an amusing anecdote to tell friends over half a dozen bottles of cider at the 'Edge.'

Having said all that, I thoroughly enjoy my hangover days. I like the way it gives you an excuse to mope around Sainsbury's whilst incoherently expressing yourself. Some of my best memories of this semester have involved painfully making tea with G, laughing at nothing and everything with hysterical joy of an evening. Then settling down to watch a period drama, (my personal favourite being 'Doctor Zhivago') whilst slathering my face in aqueus cream. Plus, there is no better feeling than going to bed that day. Nothing better.... apart from
maybe getting into bed with Dr. Zhivago. 'heyyyyyo!'
I love everything about this televised drama, the scenery, the plot, the characters... Absolutely everything. Enjoy the slightly blurry screen grabs.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

I talk out loud.. you're still around.

The first post in a long time. Partly because of my restlessness at the excitement of summer, coupled with the loom of my impending dissertation and passport renewal. In between the last of winter underneath warm bed sheets I have mostly been watching period dramas with G, making pizzas and 'mexican breakfasts.' Yesterday we even carted a small shelving device home from our local charity shop and painted it bright blue. It looks very nice.

Latitude festival has also been on my mind. I have managed to change the unfortunate aspect of the festival kicking off on the day I graduate into a desirably positive senario. It will involve a series of road trips, graduation gowns, a lot of wine and no small sandwiches in sight. Cool.

I promise to write something more enthralling once I am sure I can get excited about wearing my vans, oversized teeeeshirts, denim shorts, planting flowers in the garden, drinking jugs of cocktails in the afternoon whilst lying around on picnic blankets and leaving wet bikinis in the bathtub.... Hopefully I will find a worthwhile distraction until then...