Thursday, 18 March 2010

I talk out loud.. you're still around.

The first post in a long time. Partly because of my restlessness at the excitement of summer, coupled with the loom of my impending dissertation and passport renewal. In between the last of winter underneath warm bed sheets I have mostly been watching period dramas with G, making pizzas and 'mexican breakfasts.' Yesterday we even carted a small shelving device home from our local charity shop and painted it bright blue. It looks very nice.

Latitude festival has also been on my mind. I have managed to change the unfortunate aspect of the festival kicking off on the day I graduate into a desirably positive senario. It will involve a series of road trips, graduation gowns, a lot of wine and no small sandwiches in sight. Cool.

I promise to write something more enthralling once I am sure I can get excited about wearing my vans, oversized teeeeshirts, denim shorts, planting flowers in the garden, drinking jugs of cocktails in the afternoon whilst lying around on picnic blankets and leaving wet bikinis in the bathtub.... Hopefully I will find a worthwhile distraction until then...


Thanks for stopping by, I love hearing your thoughts and visiting your wonderful blogs as well. xxx