Thursday, 23 July 2009


'It's more than just a music festival.'

I cannot believe it's been a whole week since I set off for Latitude festival in Southwold, Suffolk. I was gripped with panic when I realised that the day had crept up sooner than I had expected and I hadn't prepared nearly as much as I had hoped. It turned out that didn't matter, as I was assured by friends that all I needed were a few clothes, wellies (or riding boots in my case,) baby wipes, deodorant, wine, my sleeping bag, tent and toilet roll.

The festival was wonderfully pleasant, perhaps not a word commonly used to describe a music festival. The surroundings were beautiful, with a pretty lake in the centre, stages in the woods, pink sheep, buntings and colourful trees. I had read about all it had to offer in 'Elle' magazine and was certainly not disappointed.

With two of my best friends, Laura and Nathan there, the company was exceptional and the content was fantasic. Jeffrey Lewis did an amazing midnight acoustic set in the poetry tent on Saturday night and Thom Yorke was nothing but utterly brilliant on Sunday morning. Other highlights included Patrick Wolf's set on the main stage, Fever Ray's eerie performance and of course, the mystical beauty of (Bat for Lashes) Natasha Khan, who appeared to glide across the stage on Friday night. Our nights were spent drinking cider and wine whilst dancing in the woods until the djs called it a night. It was a fantastic trip with Laura before she departs for her year long travels in Canada in a few weeks.

I can't wait to go back next year. ♥

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Gothic Sunshine

Finally home with some time to spare,
Latitude was FANTASTIC, I adored every minute of it... But, I will discuss that at a later date, as soon as my photos have been developed!
Last week in Norwich, whilst moving into my new house, I walked through a century-old graveyard a total of 4 times in one day. It was a journey I will be talking a lot throughout the next year, not that I particularly mind, in fact I quite enjoyed the walk. As I carried my 'belkin wireless router' amongst the headstones it was hauntingly serene and gothic-ly charming on that sunny day in July.

I felt like Maude from the 1970s film, 'Harold and Maude,' which involves a young man obsessed with death, and Maude; an 80 year old non conformist. The pair form an unlikely relationship over their mutual infatuation with graveyards. It's beautiful, in a strange and surprising way.
Maude's fire for living is inspiring and Harold's obsession with death is fascinating.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

I'll sleep when I'm dead...

The past two days have been ridiculously busy, so unfortunately I have had no time to update.. I moved house in Norwich, had one final get together in my old house, was filmed for a documentary about my school, and because of all that.. forgot to prepare for LATITUDE festival tomorrow. I didn't realise it was coming up so quickly! I was expecting to spend some time at home, but I will have all summer for that!

So, now it's twenty to one in the morning, and I still have to pack. Looks like sleep will not be on the cards until Monday at the earliest. I can't wait to post a more in depth blog about my new house and other events, as well as Latitude when I return..

That girl has the most beautiful hair I have ever seen.

Friday, 10 July 2009


Yesterday my parents took me on quite a bizarre tour of the East of England. We drove through a very strange area in Cambridgeshire called 'The Fens.' It reminded of the sort of desolate place where the English version of Charles Manson or Norman Bates would reside. The ground is very flat, so whilst on the road you can see out over the landscape for absolutely miles, over not a lot besides fields and the occasional house. I wondered how people lived in those houses, out in the sticks, with no mobile signal and no one else around for miles. I don't think they even have 'electricity.' The sky soon turned grey and it started to rain, making me feel very uneasy, so we escaped to Ely. Ely is the smallest city in England.

This photo was taken in the beautiful, Gothic Cathedral. The city was rather sweet and old fashioned, we had a wander around and had lunch in an old hotel, which I feel was haunted for certain.

Following that, I went for a farewell meal with Nathan and Phil due to Nathans return to London. I sorry to see him go, as his company over the past two weeks has been 'fantastic,' despite being wrong, for the first time in his life, about the quality of Lady Gaga. 

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

The Usual Egde.

Put your sparkles on and come out. It's Tuesday and it's time for Edge.

If you don't have any money, it doesn't matter, nobody does. At least you will have the time of your life, and you can fall in love if you want to.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Sunny Days..

..Starry Nights.

Saturday was spent at 'Rhythms of the World' festival. The atmosphere was friendly and relaxed and the sun was shining all day. We saw some great bands, but my favourite part of the festival was the 'hippy garden.'

Unfortunately, we couldn't stay at the festival all night because there was a family party in Norfolk to attend. The party was in aid of my auntie, who had recently gotten married at a very small ceremony with only four guests in attendance. The party was very understated, with lots of flowers, fairy lights, wine, beer and good food. The small, but sweet venue with a pretty garden in the countryside was was a lovely place to spend a summers night with family, who I don't get to see nearly as much as I should.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Jumping In.

It's been so difficult getting to a computer when the weather has been so beautiful, I have been busy making the most of it My whole week has been bathed in sunshine and most of my evenings have been taken up with drinking wine and dancing with great friends and family.

Tuesday began with a trip to the local outdoor pool with some friends who have recently returned home from university. I couldn't have wished for a better day, especially as the sunbathing and swimming was followed by a fantastic return visit to 'Edge'. The night was made all the better as Phil 'nightwolf' Gordon acted as our very own human radiator, emitting heat everywhere he went with his sunburnt skin. Either way, laughs were had all round and I don't think he'll mind me saying, that it made the night just that bit more memorable. Here is a photo of him, sans lobster skin.

Friday night was perfect. A midnight campfire in the woods with close friends, songs and beer. It was the best end to my first week of summer at home. We were lucky enough to have a private show from the extremely talented, Lester Allen. He is such an incredible singer/songwriter, I could listen to his beautiful voice for hours.