Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Gothic Sunshine

Finally home with some time to spare,
Latitude was FANTASTIC, I adored every minute of it... But, I will discuss that at a later date, as soon as my photos have been developed!
Last week in Norwich, whilst moving into my new house, I walked through a century-old graveyard a total of 4 times in one day. It was a journey I will be talking a lot throughout the next year, not that I particularly mind, in fact I quite enjoyed the walk. As I carried my 'belkin wireless router' amongst the headstones it was hauntingly serene and gothic-ly charming on that sunny day in July.

I felt like Maude from the 1970s film, 'Harold and Maude,' which involves a young man obsessed with death, and Maude; an 80 year old non conformist. The pair form an unlikely relationship over their mutual infatuation with graveyards. It's beautiful, in a strange and surprising way.
Maude's fire for living is inspiring and Harold's obsession with death is fascinating.

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