Friday, 10 July 2009


Yesterday my parents took me on quite a bizarre tour of the East of England. We drove through a very strange area in Cambridgeshire called 'The Fens.' It reminded of the sort of desolate place where the English version of Charles Manson or Norman Bates would reside. The ground is very flat, so whilst on the road you can see out over the landscape for absolutely miles, over not a lot besides fields and the occasional house. I wondered how people lived in those houses, out in the sticks, with no mobile signal and no one else around for miles. I don't think they even have 'electricity.' The sky soon turned grey and it started to rain, making me feel very uneasy, so we escaped to Ely. Ely is the smallest city in England.

This photo was taken in the beautiful, Gothic Cathedral. The city was rather sweet and old fashioned, we had a wander around and had lunch in an old hotel, which I feel was haunted for certain.

Following that, I went for a farewell meal with Nathan and Phil due to Nathans return to London. I sorry to see him go, as his company over the past two weeks has been 'fantastic,' despite being wrong, for the first time in his life, about the quality of Lady Gaga. 

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