Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Back to School

I used to love all that back to school stuff.
The weather would still be warm and the return to academia would feel like a novelty, blank notebooks would still be clean and pens would be filled with ink. September - October used to be two of my favourite months (particularly whilst at university, sigh.)

I used to especially like the return to Sixth Form, most of my clothing ideas came from 'ElleGirl' magazine and I used to wear converse and vests layered under t-shirts (I guess I'm not the only one who used to do that...) and I used to lug my sketch pad and collection of drawing pencils around for art class. Ahh, that really was fun. My sisters have all that to look forward to this year (minus the art class) I'm kind of jealous.
(Photos from an ancient copy of ElleGirl - I know it's sad that I still have those..)


  1. love looking through old mags too!
    yeah thats cool sweet, just let us know when you know then i'll tell emma and she can include you in the emails, or just tweet her or something :)
    will be fun :)

  2. I've always loved returning to school. I used to dream about it starting late June!


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