Monday, 8 August 2011

Gifts from Second-Hand-Junkie

Gifts from Second Hand Junkie are always the epitome of this concept. I always receive lovely things from this lady - always beautiful, always thoughtful and always pre-loved...

This year I received some vintage books with some great illustrations, I could have scanned every kitsch page, but I have restrained myself. I love the illustrations especially the ones which the original owner has very neatly coloured in, I did that to my mums old Enid Blyton and Famous Five books when I inherited them as a child.

Last year it was a beautiful dish and a very cute birdhouse from France...

(Photos are my own - and check out Second Hand Junkie.)


  1. Love old child books! I was an Enid Blyton fan too ;)!!! Big hugs!

  2. what cute illustrations. i too love vintage books x


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