Monday, 22 August 2011

Bottom Drawer Collection

Bottom Drawer (noun) - a drawer where home wares can be stored for a future home, traditionally after marriage.

My bottom drawer has escalated to numerous boxes and suitcases which take up a large portion of my parents loft. The bulk of the items are mainly things which I accumulated at university, lots of charity shop finds, pots, pans, plates and other kitchenalia - that kind of thing. A girl can never be too prepared.

A recent trip to my Grandmother's house supplied me with a few more things to add to the collection:
a glass jug, glass cake stand, glass rubber topped jar; and my favourites: a stainless steel tea-pot, butter dish and a glass jelly mould. I also accumulated these rather bizarre, but still wonderful, 'little forks' and a collection of silver spoons.

My plan is not to keep collecting until I marry (this is the 21st century) but until January, when I plan (and very much hope) to move into a nice house in Clapham...

(Photos are my own.)


  1. Oooh you have some lovely things in your bottom draw and your so clever to do this I wish I had.

  2. Cautee!
    I have one of these back in Australia. I think i might do a bottom draw post one of these days.

  3. What a lovely post. This is such a sweet thing to do and I had a number of similar things my mum had stored for me when I moved to London. xx


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