Thursday, 18 August 2011

The Best Beach Hut in Norfolk

At the start of this week I went on a brief trip to the coast of Norfolk. Whilst walking along the prom I came across the sweetest beach hut, possibly ever. The lady who owned it and her friend were clearing away their supper and bottles of wine whilst their children played outside when I stopped to ask whether I could take photos.

The owner was pleased and said that her beach hut was recently featured in the local newspaper. She also said that her house is decorated in the same manner and that 'House and Garden' recently photographed that as well. I can see why. It's like a real-life page of a Cath Kidston catalogue.. only way better...

I loved the vast collection of enamel cups hanging on tiny hooks on the walls and her fantastic use of space. I also liked the assortment of the best packaged and most British of British groceries standing on shelves around the hut; you can just about see the Hp sauce and Heinz beans, but there were also jars of marmite (of course) Lee and Perrins, Camp Coffee essence, etc, etc.

I quite want to gut my parents shed and do something like this with it!

(Photos are my own.)


  1. It looks pretty awesome, love all the hearts stuck on the wall! Sadly beach huts are darned expensive these days! My great uncle and aunt used to have one in Brighton, wish I could've taken it over! x

  2. I wish i had shed :( x

  3. love the photos of all the huts together: so colorful!

    xoxo navy & orange

  4. I love the beautiful little "beach huts"! We call them cabanas though. The inside of this woman's is so gorgeous. You're so cool for just asking her to take a few photos!

  5. It's so fun, I love the wall hearts <3

  6. Gorgeous Gorgeous!
    Absolutely love it, classic English eccentricity !

  7. How absolutely gorgeous, so much character!!!

  8. My gosh, that is the cutest shed I've ever seen! You should totally re-design your ps shed :) I give you 100% supportive thoughts :D :D :D

    Imma start thinking to do something abt my own shed!


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