Thursday, 1 September 2011

A 'Toast' Film

I wasn't sure if I should even post this - because it is utterly self indulgent and pretentious; laughably so, though one would argue that everything Toast does is like this.
I am mostly posting it because it's called 'George in the East' which I took to mean east of England - a place which I shall forever hold dear...

It's all dramatic and draped in the kind of melancholy you only see in period dramas and old romance novels. 'George' awakes after nice night sleep to read the paper in a poignant manner and drinks her coffee from enamel mugs, writes badly and then dons layers upon layers of (expensive) knitwear to march around the coast like Cathy (Wuthering Heights.)

No matter how silly or however much we smirk at this (a lot) the shots are beautiful and I cannot resist ANYTHING which relates to the ancient county of Norfolk.. uhh.. or melodramas... or romance.. or creaky old buildings.. or the coast...

Found via Toast Travels


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