Friday, 2 September 2011


Check out this lovely little online magazine / blog: Kinfolk - a guide to small gatherings.

It's all about entertaining - something which I have always loved doing and is one of the primary reasons why I am looking forward to getting a place of my own.

At University me and my housemates cooked dinner for one another on a daily basis. Sometimes we would sit around the table (there were probably candles on occasions and certainly wine) whereas other evenings were more relaxed and took the shape of a family supper, either way little (or indeed, large gatherings) are always lovely occasions.

Cooking for other people is really one of my very favourite things and this magazine is great for getting future 'hosting' ideas going.. what's more, the photography is stunning.

(All the photos are linked to Kinfolk )


  1. I am definitely bookmarking this site!

  2. Ooooh I love it! Now if only I could make time to check up on all my other online magazines! :)


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