Monday, 5 September 2011

New Folky Things..

The Kindling were introduced to me as 'Bon Iver on the lash with David Bowie' ..which to me sounded awesome, and yes, they live up to this description..

I really like them, I think you will too - their sound is cloaked in melancholy which reminds me of smokey evenings in the Autumn. The sound evokes twiggy trees and walking home after the pubs close whilst wearing a tightly wrapped scarf.. mmm.

Runaway Shoes is my favourite - listen to this if you folky stuff and mellow tunes. Lovely late night listening.

Also, they're playing in London in September and I fully intend to check out their show in Hoxton...

(Check out The Kindling here - pictures are from Toast)Link


  1. I didnt know them!!! They are great!

  2. That's an awesome description indeed.


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