Tuesday, 13 September 2011

A brief Vacaciones..

I am going on a brief holiday tomorrow, (to Spain) and I can't wait. I haven't been away for well over a year now, graduating during a time of economic uncertainty and trying to build my career as an Arts Marketer hasn't left me with an abundance of free time or money. So, I am very thankful that my parents have agreed to let me tag along on their holiday.

I'm even looking forward to the flight and turning my phone off for a few hours and not worrying about anything. I may even keep my phone turned off for the duration of the holiday -maybe.

(the summery pictures are from the Toast summer 11 catalogue, the top one is my own)


  1. Happy Vacation! Spain sounds sooo good! I'm sure you have tons of fun!

    The white dress from Toast looks super irresistible.

  2. Have fun and do a post of you wearing that stunning white dress it's beautiful!


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