Thursday, 8 September 2011

The Great British Bake Off

This is one of my weekly television highlights.
If you're not familiar, it's like The Apprentice, but with baking. Plus, it's infinitely more twee.

This show is pretty awesome, high risk baking in a tent with lots of Emma Bridgewater crockery. I didn't realise that so much thought went into making shortcrust pastry or ginger biscuits. I did, of course, know that macarons are exceedingly hard to make. I thought that this week most of the contestants made a pretty good go of it.

My family and I have already predicted who's going to be in the final three (as beautiful as he is, Rob is not part of that list.) Have you made your predictions yet?

Some of the contestants have blogs -

Holly - Recipes From a Normal Mum
Mary Anne - Time to Cook
Yasmin - Yasmin Limbert
Jason - Preheat the Oven
Jo - Jo's Blue Aga (tres cool blog background.)Rob does not yet have a blog - but he has twitter - @robertbillingto

(The bottom two beautiful photos are from The Boy Who Baked, Edd Kimber's blog, (he's the guy who won last year.)
My own baking efforts can be found over here, at Girls Who Like to Gorge.


  1. Ah, why does Rob not have a blog... Yum, yum yum. I've been watching some of it, for food and eye candy :) x

  2. I'm not a huge "extreme cooking show" fan, but I do love me some pretty pictures of food and blogs.

  3. Check out for fantastic food pictures. I'm drooling just thinking about her blog:)

  4. a bake off - so much fun! and emma still my heart. You have a gorgeous blog here by the way x


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