Thursday, 28 April 2011

I heard there's going to be a wedding...?

I am quite pleased that the Royal Wedding hoo-ha will be over soon. Tomorrow I might just be able to raise a glass to the occasion, but only just. I am happy for the couple, sure, but I don't idolise them!
So, tomorrow I will secretly be toasting the brilliant flaws of my own wonderful loves rather than the luck of a pair who have done little more than get born - (which is certainly his only claim to fame!)

For me, tomorrow is just a good excuse for a party, hence the sweet pictures below. I know, call me simple.. !

(Make sure you have a drink or a slither of cake on behalf of me tomorrow - for whatever reason you're celebrating!)


  1. The second illustration is hella cute. Did you sketch it up?

  2. I agree, I shall tune in for a while, but I'm not really that fussed.

  3. I will gladly have a drink for you :)

  4. I agree, there is too big of a fuss made of just two people getting married!

  5. totally agree with ya girl. The wedding chit chat has to stop!

  6. these are lovely illustrations!


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