Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sunday Poetry

(To mirror all the rather nostaglic posts of the week..) a rather British, tea themed poem.

If I ever left England, I am sure the ritual of tea-time would be one of the things to make me most homesick. I love that universal British idea that a cup of tea will make everything better. It's the thing that joins a nation and joins hearts.
I know - it all goes without saying... but if there's every anything wrong, or you need a chat, or you've just woken up; 'cup of tea?'

Alternative Anthem by John Agard

Put the kettle on
Put the kettle on
It is the British answer
to Armagedon.

Never mind taxes rise
Never mind trains are late
One thing you can be sure of
and that's the kettle mate.

It's not whether you lose
It's not whether you win
It's whether or not
you've plugged the kettle in.

May the kettle hiss
May the kettle steam
It is the engine
that drives our nation's dream.

Long live the kettle
that rules over us
May it be limescale free
and may it never rust.

Sing it on the beaches
Sing it from the housetops
The sun may set on empire
but the kettle never stops.

(My Sunday afternoon is sleepy and slow after yet another hectic week of work and late nights. Enjoy your evening. More tea poetry and thoughts in the future..
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  1. Really nice!! The tea time is a special moment, if you have a cup of tea everywhere feels like home!

  2. So so so true! I drink darjeeling, chamomile and breakfast (not all at once though :P) all by Twinings.

  3. I really like your blog :) im following you please follow me back :) xxx
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  4. Thank-you for the comment my lovely, and sorry for the lousy reply..
    It wasn't as bad as I expected I'm still alive haha, in case you haven't enter my giveaway the winner will be announced on tuesday xxx

  5. Such a great poem! Of course... Im a sucker for my coffee instead of tea (unless it's southern sweet tea!) No matter what your "vice" is, at the end of the day, the bad things never really mattered :)

  6. Really nice poem and i love your blog :)

    Follow me and i will follow back :)
    Grace xxx

  7. I really love tea as well, especially Chai Latte I can find everywhere in Australia.

  8. That is so beautiful. I adore that poem:) Hope you had a great weekend, sunshine. Happy Monday

  9. your blog is really sweet! i really like it! i am following you, please follow back! xxx

  10. What a lovely poem and so reflective of the significance of tea time.
    Thanks for stopping by - love those Tom's wedges too!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  11. aw i love it!
    im not from england but a cup of tea is definitely still my answer to everything! but that could be my british history poking through :)
    but i so agree. it's the best!

  12. I love it! Made me smile and pick up my cuppa:)

  13. Oh, I love it! The photos are wonderful too!


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