Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Work Wear Wednesday, April Heat

Courtesy of Garance Dore..

What a brilliant look for summer time!
I'm not daring enough to bare my legs quite that much yet, but this girl carries off socks and sandals so very, very well! A great compromise, since, although it feels like the height of summer, it is still April. Call me old fashioned, and I love the sunshine, however I would not suggest dressing as if you are on a beach when you actually walking tarmacked streets. (Take note all you topless men; there's a time and a place!)

(Image linked and via Garance Dore)


  1. I love the look so much.. but I always feel so odd when I try it! I blame genetics and my stumpy li'l legs.

    I vote you do this look for both of us? xo

  2. She looks fantastic - I am wearing a very similar outfit today but with tights!! Still way to cold to here to have bear legs!!


  3. I just came over from Simply Me because I liked the name Paper Heart Girl and thought I'd investigate! Looks like a great blog, I'm off to look around some more!

  4. Ha! My kind of look. I don't usually like the clog style shoes, but she pulled them off very well


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