Friday, 29 April 2011

Friday Favourite...

..A heart swelling Northern accent...

I make no secret of my love of a good Northen accent. I think it spawned from a childhood adoration of 'Coronation Street,' and an early introduction to Pulp.

Yorkshire accents are the best of them all - the sound of them makes my heart swell to about two sizes. I love listening to the softly spoken Jarvis Cocker best of all, he's wonderful.

I also love this mushy story spoken by Alex Turner, another Yorkshire boy I'm rather partial to. It's quite short and rather wonderful, so I suggest giving it a little listen.

(Photo linked and via tumblr - mmm, wonderful, wonderful Northern boys. ♥)


  1. I quite like the northern accent too it just seems so down to earth :)


  2. Mmm yes give me Jarvis Cocker any day x

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  4. Oooh I love a good accent. I'm told I have a Boston accent, but I don't really notice it! So cute, thanks for sharing.


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