Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sunday Evening Poetry

It's been a gloriously sunny weekend, and I shouldn't think that I'm the only one feeling a twinge of sad this evening. It's that bittersweet Sunday feeling that occurs after a very, very lovely past few days shared with your most favourite people.

Tonight, a poem by one of my favourites, Dorthy Parker. One day, I would love to poses her dry wit and wisdom. I could have chosen any number of her poems, but I am posting this one because I find it fitting, and believe it will speak to everyone...

For a Favourite Grandaughter by Dorothy Parker.

Never love a simple lad,
Guard against a wise,

Shun a timid youth and sad,
Hide from haunted eyes.

Never hold your heart in pain
For an evil-doer;
Never flip it down the lane
To a gifted wooer.

Never love a loving son,
Nor a sheep astray;
Gather up your skirts and run
From a tender way.

Never give away a tear,
Never toss a pine;
Should you heed my words, my dear,
You're no blood of mine!

(First image via tumblr, the second is my own blurry screen grab from the recent version of Dr Zhivago. Enjoy your Sunday evenings everyone, mine will be spent with a shower and a candle wishing for another wonderful, wonderful week.)


  1. Thanks so much for my giveaway prize!!! :) Did a post about it yesterday, thanks again!! :) xxx

  2. This is so nice, nice choice of photos too!

  3. Glad you had such a good week! Lovig the ending to the poem!

  4. So lovely. I don't read poetry enough. <3

  5. I love your choice of poem, I know the sunday night feeling well. Over here though I have had to transplant sunday to friday which is the saudi sunday its still confusing!!!!

  6. What a lovely poem.
    Hope your week is going well!

  7. ah, love these photos ; )


  8. The rhyme scheme makes this poem seem very old-fashioned, but it also makes it truly beautiful..!


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