Saturday, 23 April 2011

Ethical Fashion

IOU project -

I have not been so excited by a clothing line in a very long time. IOU is doing things totally differently than all the retail giants. If, like me, you're sick of seeing about five other girls a day wearing your favourite mass produced Topshop dress, then I think that you will like this...
IOU's fabric is handmade by artisans in India, then the garments are hand sewn in Europe. Every item will not only be unique, but as it is handmade, people are employed rather than machines, therefore creating more jobs and using less energy.

Their products will only be sold online, which means that prices will be reasonable as the customer will not be paying for the cost of running a shop.
It's ethical with a capital E. A refreshing step away from our increasingly consumerist attitude towards fashion.

They're launching at the start of May, and I can't wait!

(All photos are linked and via the IOU Project. I hope everyone is continuing to enjoy the sun!)


  1. I love this style, the fabrics are really nice!!

  2. What a wonderful, wonderful idea. It's a shame it took so long!


  3. Great idea, having a one of a kind dress definitely beats the topshop hordes! xx

  4. I lovee the sound of this. I cannot wait.

    I am too, getting tired of F21 and H&M and the likes!

  5. Love this idea.
    looks reallt cool!

  6. I really like the sound of this, I love new ethical brands!x


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