Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Royal Wedding & Cath Kidston

I thought I ought to post my first Royal wedding themed post now despite it being a few weeks off.

I realise it's a bit sad, but my excitement for the Royal wedding really blossomed when I saw the commemorative range from Cath Kidston. It might be totally embarrassing to admit this - but I really want the mug. Right now, I still draw the line at merchandise with their actual faces on it - though, that's all subject to change as the excitement of it all is bound to hit in a big way as the date looms closer!

(All images via Cath Kidston)


  1. Im totally with you, that mug is adorable:) Enjoy your afternoon, kisses

  2. When is their wedding? I haven't been paying too much attention, but of course I'm dying to see what she is going to wear!


  3. Oh, I have such mixed feelings about the wedding... My love M.D. works for the BBC and he has not been home at a reasonable time in weeks! So, I guess I can not wait for them to get married!! Ha!
    P.S. That cup is cute though ;)

  4. This is def the best Royal Wedding that I've seen...and am likely to see!

    PS: I think you'd love the jewelry giveaway I'm currently running! If you have a moment, stop by...

  5. I too am excited but for purely selfish reasons like taking the opportunity to prepare baked goods and spend all day on the sofa with some friends chattering through the festivities. Really want to find a street party but not having much luck on that front..

  6. aw i love cath kidston and even though i'm not really fussed about the royals I am getting all patriotic and seem to care more then i thought haha.

  7. don't be embarrassed - I seriously had a dream about the royal wedding last night!


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