Friday, 22 April 2011

Good Friday Favourite

Creative advice.

Just a few thoughts to take to heart..
I have been away from my computer a lot over the past few days, which is never a bad thing! But, I do hope to post more once I catch up with time. I hope you all have a lovely, sunny bank holiday!

(I have linked this very cool image back to tumblr as that's where I found it - however if anyone knows who the designer behind this is, please do let me know, I'd love to see more of their work and credit them properly!)


  1. AMAZINGGG! Thank you so much for posting it!
    XX The St.Udio

  2. i always always always have a notebook on me! argh, it's so annoying when people remove credit :/

  3. Haha love this list! I Need to copy it! Happy Weekend!

  4. #16.. gah. Great advice though!


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