Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sunday Evening As Usual

Rodger McGough is my new favourite. I heard him do an interview with Jarvis Cocker for the Sunday Service.

This weekend has been a funny one, after a heart stopping shock to the system on Friday I have recovered well, although am now equipped with a new outlook. I was in danger of slipping into unawareness before... but the joult has pulled me down to the ground. A new wave of determination and clarity. And happiness.

This little extract is pretty much perfect..

Extract from a Fine Romance by Rodger McGough

Excuse me darling, in advance
for the slow, macabre dance
I may one day lead you into.

Holding you too tight for comfort
and whispering endearments,
if I should call you by another's name,
a lover's perhaps, from years ago,
don't be startled. It's just a slip
of the moonlight.

(Pictures are from, you guessed it, Tumblr.)

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