Thursday, 21 July 2011

The Illusionist (2010)

I watched 'The Illusionist' by Jerome Seydoux for the first time last Autumn. It struck a chord with me and I fell in love with it.. I got the DVD recently..

Each frame is perfect and it draws such an achingly nostalgic and heartbreakingly romantic film. The depiction of Edinburgh makes me yearn to go there, the landscapes remind of how beautiful Britain is and the images of London invite huge feelings of longing... Ah, yes. I could gush for hours...
But, one more thing, the way Jerome Seydoux depicts light is stunning. From the bright flickering of a neon sign, to street lights glowing through thrashing rain and the slow ebb of a candle..

Seriously, I could go on for hours and hours about the beauty of this film and the hows and whats of why I love it so much. I would post every frame if I could. This may even flow into a few more posts over time because these aren't even half of my favourite shots..

I think it just reveals my ever-present love of nostaglia and melancholy. AHHH.

(All images have been taken from Jerome Seydoux's The Illusionist, hit them to see them in more detail. So long as no one minds, I plan to post more screen grabs in time.. since this is so stunning.)


  1. I haven´t seen yet! But I have to!!!! I love that kind of pictures and....of course i love London! Its one of my favourites!!!
    See you ;=) XXX

  2. I watch a lot of films but sadly I haven't seen it yet... I'm so intrigued by the beauty of it based on your info about the film. I'll definitely look it up and since its animated my son would be happy to watch it too.

    Thanks for sharing.


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