Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Muted Colours and Happy Faces..

- with a dash of cool kitsch at it's very best!

I love Matte Stephens work! It makes me think of stylish people, buzzing through cities, drinking cocktails and using type-writers instead of computers (here comes that nostalgia thing again...) I love the1950s influence..

I had to restrain myself from posting everything he's created, but I settled on these images, a few very nice city scenes and some characters waiting for a bus and partying at the end of a long day...

Greenwich Village

Meeting to feed the birds:
New Orleans,
Stopping for Directions in Paris:
Waiting Again:
Everything here is from Matte Stephens blog. It's all linked up!


  1. I love these photos! So pretty... they remind me of old cartoons

  2. I love these! Definitely going to pin some of them :)

  3. These are gorgeous, I had never heard of his work, so thank you for sharing xx

  4. never heard of him - thanks for posting. these are beautiful!


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