Friday, 22 July 2011

Friday Favourite - Birthday Thoughts

My 22nd birthday is in exactly a weeks time.
I am quite looking forward to celebrating.

If I had a house to myself I would love to cook up some good food for everyone and have lots of fancy cocktails at home before playing some games and maybe heading into the night.
As it stands, the weather is not looking in my favour and so my garden party dreams will have to put on hold, (perhaps next year.)

I have a friend whose mother throws a fantastic barbecue in her garden every year, miraculously, the weather is always fine. The house fills up with people of different generations and the adults bustle around and chat over beer whilst the children run beneath feet and under tables. Three generation of women put on a delicious spread, we play games and everyone leaves extremely happy..and full!

Of course, my dream senario would be to cook up a medieval feast for my guests to gorge on, drink bottles of champagne and be debauched and merry - very Marie Antoinette.

(The photos are of the feast I have always dreamed of - taken from the July issue of House and Garden.)
I shall let you know how my celebrations end up going down...


  1. Oooh, hooray for pre-birthday excitement!!!

  2. Those photos are lovely, I hope you get to do something fun for your birthday!

  3. Oh, the 29th? thats my birthday too!! Although I wish I was turning 22 again.
    You're plans sound fun and that food looks brilliant. Fingers crossed the weather holds out for us!


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