Monday, 11 July 2011

Clarins Skin Care

Upon Second Hand Junkie's best advice a month or two ago, I decided to invest in some decent beauty products, or more specifically Clarins beauty products. I sought advice from a number or beauty counters, and was met with the same scalding when I explained how my skincare routine usually involved soap and water followed by a good dousing of moisturiser.

I discovered that my skin wasn't actually dry, as I had come to suspect over the past few years, but that I had made it dry with the relentless soap cleaning!

I have been using Clarins cleanser and toner for about a month now and have noticed a vast difference. Their stuff is pricey, but I can now afford the luxury of not wearing foundation at all times. It's great.

I have learnt a few tips from my Clarins lady, here are some:

1. Use toner after cleansing, it shrinks pores and prepares your skin for your moisturiser so it actually sinks in. (After reading a magazine article when I was a teenager about the importance of toner being a beauty myth, I had always bypassed it.)

2. ALWAYS, ALWAYS cleanse your face properly before going to bed - no matter how late it is and how drunk you are. (You will be thankful come the morning!)

3. Use cool water to cleanse your face in the morning as it will wake you up, and warm water in the evening to relax your face.

Another victim of beauty industry marketing, perhaps. (Clarins really do have their marketing down; what with their free gifts, samples and friendly beauty counter gals.) - but I actually like the luxury of using nice products everyday and having a meditative skincare routine makes me feel more relaxed.

(Photos are my own!)


  1. I am SO BAD about washing my face a night! Thanks for the tips. :) Isn't it great when you find the perfect cleanser?


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