Thursday, 28 July 2011

Birthday Menu

This week has been fairly busy, in a good way! Work has picked up considerably and I have been super busy which is all very exciting!

In between, I have been making birthday plans, easier said than done. I shall have a nice meal with my family tomorrow evening, home-made burgers are on the menu, followed by some cocktails with friends. Then, off into the night to see an acoustic singer and maybe some more fun later on.

The celebrations will continue the next weekend with Second Hand Junkie, but more on that later..

For some celebratory foodie inspiration I head over to What Katie Ate.. possibly the most attractive foodie blog around, and flick through old copies of Sainsbury's magazines and paya lot of attention to what Jamie Oliver has to say...

(Pictures taken from a fairly recent Jamie Oliver supplement. Hmmm, I wonder if this post would have been better suited on Girls who like to Gorge...)

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