Wednesday, 20 July 2011

English Summer-time

The dull weather in England today has made me feel all melancholic and uninspired.

The grey skies we have been experiencing for the past week are not what I want for during mid July. I want balmy evenings with glasses of rose in hand and lazy days full of picnics and nights filled with stars...

For now, I shall dream of the September break to Spain which I have booked with my parents and I'll seriously consider booking a holiday with some of my favourite girls...

On the positive side, I have been enjoying being busy at work, and the lack of sunshine means I can get on with it without worrying about missing out on sunshine!

How are spending these days of all too typical days of British summer-time?

(The first picture is a scan of an old music book cover I found in a charity shop. The second is of my very own garden, which is currently begging people to spend time and enjoy it, to no avail!)


  1. I hope it clears up when I get to England in August!


  2. Hey! This way you will enjoy Spain even more in September :). Love your garden! Big hugs from Madrid!


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