Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Work Wear Wednesday

Mid March Indecision.

Things are certainly looking spring-wards, though sensibility reminds me not to get too carried away with sheer optimism!
It's too cold for bare legs - or even ballet pumps. Tights are still very necessary, as is a scarf and a cardigan. However, in London over the past week it has been just bright enough for sunglasses and warm enough for sheer blouses (with a jumper - unless of course you are in at a crowded house party 4 floors up...)

Those two shirt dresses on the right of the collage are rumoured to be only £14.99 in 'New Look' .. I desperately want one!

(Scan is my own. Happy Mid-week everyone!)


  1. Can you beleive it is raining in London now? I have gone for the scarf and cardigan look today.
    Thanks for entering the giveaway. xx

  2. Those shirt dresses are so nice and so cheap.

  3. I really love the shirt dresses as well! Gah, I want to live in london and have these awesome sales! x

  4. I want too, Love them... You have great style !! love your post !

  5. great choices! I love all the pants!

  6. Hey there! :)
    I'm having a giveaway if you wanna check it out! :) xx

  7. i love this look and especially the collage format! very cool...

  8. ohhh-I have never heard of "new look". just checked out the site. wonder if this is the british version of our "forever 21"? awesome!


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