Thursday, 17 March 2011

Interview Series

(My little interview sereis getting inside the minds of creative types continues..)

Meet Amanda Swann, of The Cheeky Cafe, who writes a varried blog on interiors, fashion, food, her cute kids and travel from Southern California.

1.) How do you start your day?
I always start my day with tea:) I always feel like I need a little kick in the pants before I can get moving.

2.) What/who inspires you?
Honestly, other bloggers inspire me. It blows my mind to see some of the cool stuff that other people come up with. One of my favorite blogs right now is design is mine

3.) Your guilty pleasure?
My guilty pleasure is Pinterest. If you haven't been on there it's awesome. When I'm feeling like I need an inspiration I always go there. It's extremely addicting and I could be on there for hours. It's the best way to waste time:)

4.)How do you unwind?
I am a movie buff, so I watch a lot of old movies, but I also unwind by blogging. It let's me enter this fabulous little dreamworld.

5.) Plans for 2011?
I'd really LOVE to start my own online boutique. I don't know if it will happen this year, but maybe next.

6.) Your best piece of advice?
This whole blogging thing was originally a challenge to see if I could post something every day for a month and now I'm coming on six months. My advice? Be persistant. I've had my highs and lows and sometimes it's hard for me to put something up everyday, but if it's what you love to do, do it!

(Thanks to Amanda for ansering my questions, all images via The Cheeky Cafe - all linked.)

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  1. My guilty pleasure is also Pinterest!

  2. Number 6 is super helpful and encouraging. It's hard to come up with something totally interesting every day! You just have to push through it.

    Happy Thursday! Wee!

  3. This a great idea for a weekly series, I love seeing into people's motives and thoughts! I love Pintrest too :)

  4. Amanda is wonderful and I love this post! That dress is sooo cute! Kisses and wish you both a great day

  5. This turned out wonderful!! Thank you so much for doing this. It was a lot of fun!


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