Friday, 25 March 2011

Friday Favourite - The Loves of Serge Gainsbourg (3)

Charlotte Gainsborg - (When considering this post, I couldn't decide whether I wanted it to be about Charlotte, or the final lover of Serge's life, Caroline Von Paulus. I chose Charlotte in order to illustrate the different ways women coloured his life. Hope you agree with my choice.)

Charlotte Gainsborg, daughter of Serge Gainsborg, refused to let his body go when he died. In fact, her mother had it preserved so that the burial could wait until Charlotte was ready.

As a very small child, Charlotte was taken to nightclubs with her father and mother (Jane Birkin) in a basket. When Charlotte was 13, her and Serge recorded 'Lemon Incest' together, a song which included the lyric: 'the love we will never make.' Inevitably, this caused great scandal; a result which they both relished in.

The week before he died, Serge called up Jane Birkin while he was with Charlotte awaiting a visit to New Orleans. Serge happily told Jane of what Charlotte had said: 'she wants to live with me. She said I was the man she'd been looking for all her life.' Very sweet reflection of all kinds of love - from all corners.

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  1. This is a great post and you have chosen gorgeous pictures. I love her hair in the last photo.
    I'm sure my boy won't read the post. We are off to see Flare Path, the play Sienna Miller is starring in! I am a die hard Sienna fan!
    Hope you have a nice weekend! xxx

  2. J'adore Charlotte Gainsbourg, she is very famous in France.And the pictures are lovely too!

  3. Such a great read and the accompanying photos are fantastic!!


  4. Isn't Charlotte a beautiful replica of her mother. It's like we've got two Janes amongst us, or two Charlottes. I wish I could have grown up in this family. GREAT photos.


  5. Oh man that's sad. I love Charlotte, glad you posted on her!

  6. such a lovely story!
    She is gorgeous!!

  7. i love the little bios. I think it's funny to imagine a baby in a basket just hanging out.


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