Saturday, 18 June 2011

Wilderness Festival..

With festival season upon us, I am looking forward to organising a trip to 'Wilderness' festival in Oxfordshire this year.
I was intrigued when a friend mentioned it and after hearing Lauren Lavern talking about it on the radio, I set my heart on it.

It's more of an arts-based festival than a musical one, though Anthony & the Johnsons are playing.. who I would quite like to see. There is a spa area which looks wonderful, a crystal clear lake for swimming in, yoga sessions and great dining opportunities. There are also lots of literary acts and performances, including contemporary dance, which I love!

I am excited about it all - but perhaps the highlight for me is The Last Tuesday Society's midnight masked ball. On the Saturday night the whole festival will be transformed into a giant naughty party full of weird and wonderful entertainments in the middle of the night; and strange goings-on in the woodland. It sounds like a debauched night straight out of a Fitzgerald novel with an eccentric English edge.

(Photos are linked to Wilderness Festival)


  1. This sounds like such a magical festival! xx

  2. Thjs sounds amazing, I wish I could go.

  3. Sounds like my kinda festival :)

    Love, Vanilla

  4. This looks amazing! - thanks for the introduction to this Bethany!



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