Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Holiday Thoughts

I am very, very sorry for my lack of posting! Having spent most of the past month with very little to do, I am suddenly swamped!
I suppose that thoughts of holidays should really have been filling my head during the days when I had nothing to do; but now I have lots to do and I all I can think of is spending time sleeping in, taking long showers and reading books.. isn't that always the way...

(Images are scanned from Toast catalogue)


  1. Dreaming of holidays is a great pastime! :) these pics are great inspiration, I hope you feel less swamped soon, life is SO much easier and fun when everything is nicely balanced :)

    Love, vanilla

  2. Tell me about it! I just took a nice vacay in Savannah and was rushed right back to reality once I landed in NYC. Busy busy busy!

  3. Such inspiring images!!! Thanks for sharing :)!

  4. These photos are totally holidays!
    I need holidays too...and soon please!


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