Wednesday, 22 June 2011

An Audience of Sleepers

I am very intrigued by this new play at The Barbican - Lullaby.

It's a bedtime show, played throughout the night and watched in bed.

Yes, in beds (lovely ones though - Toast is supplying organic bed linen and cushions.) Each evening for the next month, play goers can book either a single, double or triple sized bed, don their pyjamas and listen to a soothing performance of bedtime stories and lullaby's throughout the entire night, all of which are designed to gently lull the audience into a lovely night of slumber.

In the morning the audience are supplied with a hearty breakfast and depart the theatre, ready to continue with their days as normal. It all sounds great, great fun and I am very much hoping to go.

(All photos by Toast.)


  1. This sounds insane! Are you allowed to fall asleep? What about brushing teeth and a morning shower? Do you arrive in PJ's?

    So many questions... I bet it's mega snuggly and soothing though!


  2. What a cool idea. I love sleeping. Count me in

  3. The Wilderness Festival and this sound like the coolest things ever, can I be you new best friend and move to the UK and hang with you?

  4. now this sounds like my kind of play! and i love toast, i get all their catalogues delivered, if only i could afford their stuff...


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