Sunday, 19 June 2011

Sunday Evening Poetry..

..for a rainy week in June..

A lovely optimistic poem for this evening. Very self explanatory and just the thing required for an evening such as this - gathering strength ahead of another exhausting week.

I will try hard to post lots more this week, I have been very busy and it all looks to continue... Nevertheless;

Not all things go wrong by Fleix Dennis

Not all things go wrong..., and knowing
This, be wary of despair,
As you go through hell - keep going,
Make no brave oasis there.

Through the shadow lands of grieving,
Past the giants, doubt and fear,
Heartsick, stunned and half believing -
Heed no whispher in your ear.

Not all things go wrong - and after
Winters famine comes the spring,
Kindness, beauty, childrens laughter -
Joy is ever on the wing.

(Enjoy your evening, I shall be cleansing my face with Clarins products and drinking lots of herbal tea. Photos are from tumblr.)

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  1. Such a beautiful poem. Hope things are going well for you!


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