Thursday, 9 June 2011

A Nice Blackberry..

I am very excited to be getting a 'BlackBerry' phone today.

I will miss my old phone. It's been there for two years. Two years spent staring at it, waiting for phone calls. Two years smiling at it, like a goof, when receiving a text message from the best person in the world and two years crying hysterically down it, when something goes wrong, to my wonderful, long suffering parents and best friends. Ahh, it's been a good run.

I'm looking forward to feeling all important whilst checking e-mails and my location on GPS. Though, I am a little nervous as it has lots of mod cons which mean that I am likely to be constantly surfing the Internet and doing social networking stuff... which I already do far too much of anyway..

Plus, I hear there is an incredibly daunting feature whereby you can see if someone has read the text you sent them - and therefore know if someone is ignoring you. I think that's technology gone too far.

I am just very worried that I will start to rely on this small piece of machinery to replace my brain. I think I will have to enforce some usage rules for myself....

(Check out this, to find out about the time when I lost my last phone..)


  1. oh no i'm bad with losing things to, be careful with the new one haha.

  2. I am far too dependant on my Iphone. My friend moaned recently that sinse his girlfriend got her BB she never speaks to him. This is a bad sign technology is taking over. Good luck with the new phone though. xx

  3. Hope you like your new phone! I received a new one for my birthday... played with all the apps and things for a couple of days and then got bored ha ha :)

    Love, Vanilla


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