Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Work Wear Wednesday - Garance Dore

The Queen of easy French style - Garance Dore is timeless, chic and very likable. Reading her witty quips and seeing her beautiful photographs on her blog make me wish I was just like her.

Here are her suggestions for great style - and what French women are never without..

1. Baume Creme de Rose from Dior, for the pot & the perfectly pouty lips.

A pair of sunglasses -- to provide mystery!

A book by Francoise Sagan because she has an incredible perspective on life and was so rock'n roll -- in the French way, of course.

A pair of Repetto ballet flats (the real dancer ones with very soft soles) -- great after long hours in heels.

A pen. To write, of course, but also to put your hair up when you're tired of having it in your face. I don't know why, but every French girl does that!

(Cited: Read more: {this is glamorous}

(Scans are from British Elle, March 2011.)


  1. The french are so effortlessly chic. I may try the pen in hair trick, think I'd just look like a freak though! x

  2. Yeah, I like her style. I could dig through her closet.


    You Are My Favorite

  3. Love the ballet flats... kind of wish I had them on right now!

    ~Blair @ scsd

  4. I'm headed to London this summer to study abroad...definitely in need of tips like these! I'll be following your blog! Lets follow each other?

  5. Oh so true, the French are so damned chic it hurts! I am checking out those ballet flats as I am also a huge fan. Thanks for the tips x

  6. Ha ha you seem to be a big fan of french style;)!
    I love Garance Doré too :)

  7. I love sunglasses...for the "mystery" they provide! I also adore ballet flats! Great style channeling :)

    xx Cat brideblu

  8. Love this! I also love your header!

  9. Neat! I think she's the bee knee's :) Thanks for sharing the tips. Sunglasses & pens - check. Now I just need to work on 1. 3. & 4.!

  10. Love this. Especially the part about the pen. I've always worn my hair short, so I don't really understand what it is like to throw ones hair up in a bun or ponytail when it's in the way, but the idea has always fascinated me.

  11. do the French always manage to look so classy. I swear I could wear the same clothes and not look nearly as stylish. Ha.

  12. I have that copy of Elle, that lady is indeed inspirational. I would buy some Repetto shoes if I could afford to! ;) xx


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