Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A Few Good Ideas..

It appears that aimless feelings are becoming the norm for the early part of the week.

But this interview with director John Walters provides some good, grounding thoughts to hang on...

My policy is "unless you know the full story, don't judge", and you never know the full story.

You should be depressed sometimes. If you just broke up with someone be sad, if you ran over somebody drunk driving feel depressed. You shouldn't take a pill that makes you feel OK about terrible things.

I live in four cities so I have four little lives. Four sets of underwear is the key to happiness.

These are just few of his comments, I sometimes wish for wisdom like this - (I guess it will come to me one day!) But do check out the interview - it will alter your perception of the day.

(This lovely drawing is linked. The article I was talking about is on the guardian website, right HERE!)


  1. Some great advice, I love this quote: "unless you know the full story, don't judge" :)

    Love, Vanilla


  2. OMG I love, love him. When I was in college he came to speak at my school. It was the funniest lecture I ever attended. Great post!

  3. I dont like to judge people. I try giving everyone the benefit of the doubt becuase you dont know what goes on behind closed doors. Great Post

  4. Great interview, you picked out some great quotes from it. Really makes you stop and reflect.

  5. Unless you know the full story, don't judge. - Absolutely true. Tried and true. In any kind of situation!

    And I just realized it..I love your new header!

  6. this is wonderful! I'm going to check out the interview now :)

  7. I'm liking this a lot - I will have to go check out the interview for sure.

  8. These quotes are all absolutely true. (I can't say that I always follow them, but I should).

    You Are My Favorite

  9. Randomly stopping by, but I loved reading this interview. He makes great points and I love the dark humor in his comments. Great job!



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