Sunday, 15 May 2011

Sunday Night Poetry

To continue the restless feelings of the week - I have those apprehensive Sunday The feelings you have right before the start of a hectic week..

In an attempt to generate calm this evening, here is a relaxing poem about retreating from the world for a few hours and having faith..

I Just Stepped Out... by Felix Dennis

Where am I? - Oh, I just stepped out,
No need to make a fuss, or shout,
No need to comb the nearest wood
Or roam about the neighbourhood.

Call off the dog - she'll find no scent,
Please don't worry where I went,
And do not climb the garden tree,
My dear, you'll catch no glimpse of me.

The attic steps will pinch your thumb,
The cellar will be dark and dumb,
Yet you should search your heart with care,
Though I am gone, you'll find me there.

(Images via tumblr. Enjoy your Sunday night everyone. I am going to attempt to be serene..)


  1. Beautiful as always :) I hope your week isn't too hectic :)

    Love, Vanilla

  2. Lovely poem! You are gifted when it comes to rhythm. I wish I had that talent. ;) I love the photos too. Is that Julie Christie in the last one?

  3. beautiful poem, thanks for sharing x

  4. Such a stunning poem, sweetie. Have a fantastic Monday

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  5. this is just beautiful...

    Have a great week :))

  6. Love the poem! I'm having those same feelings... I think I need more wine!


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