Monday, 2 May 2011

Oh, What a Lovely Day...

I thought I ought to post a little about the Royal Wedding before the joy of it totally rubs off...

I admit I was sceptical on Thursday night, but that all changed when I woke up to a lot of excitement on Friday. The spectacle continued as I ate a special brunch with my family enjoyed endless cups of tea whilst we watched the wedding, wide eyed, on the television.
I spent the afternoon in East London, where the holiday atmosphere was really something quite special. I can't wait until the next public holiday of that scale - perhaps the Queen's Diamond jubilee next year?!

I very much like the sound of the evening reception where the Duke and Duchess were reported to enjoy champagne and elderflower cocktails with close friends and family. All of the food and flowers were organic and locally sourced. They listened to the Beatles and danced until 3am. I especially admire how fresh Kate and William looked the next day when they strolled around Buckingham Palace without even a mere suggestion of a hangover!

(The first two photos are linked, the third is my own. Enjoy May Day everyone!)


  1. They do make a cute couple! So sweet. I love the first photo of them...

  2. one of the loveliest weddings I've ever seen...

  3. Awww..they are the cutest together!
    Hugs and kisses, darling

  4. it truly was a lovely day! So classic yet modern touches everywhere - swoon-a-roonie. I love the illustration too - it reminds me of the books my grammie used to read to me as a child:)


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